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WA-JS minor release: v2.11.0

· One min read
WPPConnect Team

Today we are releasing minor version v2.11.0 for WA-JS with Bug Fixes and Features.

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for reply status stories (#594) (19b2729)
  • Update minimum require Whatsapp version to >= 2.2212.4-beta (bcb5f36)


  • Added create, edit, and delete products functions (fix #442) (8e8bb22)
  • Added get, create, edit, and delete collections functions (fix #442) (ef6192b)
  • Added option to get only media, url and docs for (a74ac3c)
  • Added WPP.catalog.getProductById function (0b883a3)
  • Added WPP.catalog.getProducts function (f4d1716)
  • Added WPP.catalog.setProductVisibility function (d3a60e3)
  • Added WPP.catalog.updateCartEnabled function (b70af87)
  • Added function (4149eec)
  • Added function (d0f41ee)
  • Added function (c21941f)
  • Added function (5c8e57a)
  • Added WPP.labels.getLabelById function (56767b4)
  • Added WPP.profile.editBusinessProfile function (30f18b2)
  • Added WPP.status.sendReadStatus (a4587dc)
  • Exported calculateFilehashFromBlob from WhatsApp (c0c0772)
  • Exported ProductCatalogSession from WhatsApp (0aefe4c)

For more information, see the release page.