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WPP Server patch release: v1.6.2

· One min read
WPPConnect Team

Today we are releasing a patch version v1.6.2 for WPP Server with Bug Fixes and Features.

Bug Fixes

  • deps: update dependency @wppconnect-team/wppconnect to ^1.16.1 (#866) (a824339)
  • Include phone param on get-messages (46cc839)
  • remove unused imports (cbf5108)
  • req.client.close is not a function, close #740 (fcb6a50)
  • WppConnect-server version on start close #354 (26179b8)


  • Added onLoadingScreen messages (dcce5fc)
  • Added router clear-all-chats (b818bae)

For more information, see the release page.