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WPP Server patch release: v2.2.5

· One min read
WPPConnect Team

Today we are releasing a patch version v2.2.5 for WPP Server with Bug Fixes and Features.

Bug Fixes

  • Added session in qrCode webhook (close #1405) (ee0ad37)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Refactor file uploads for aws-s3 (f7f6eab)
  • deps: update dependency @wppconnect-team/wppconnect to ^1.27.3 (#1302) (99493d6)
  • deps: update dependency @wppconnect-team/wppconnect to ^1.28.0 (#1439) (4c5e8b4)
  • Fixed changePrivacyGroup function (close #1308) (ed5fd14)
  • Fixed get profile pic for groups (85320b5)
  • Fixed image rendering issue in Chatwoot (ff6df6c)
  • Fixed sendFile function (3d30923)
  • Fixed setGroupProfilePic function (close #1300) (b807584)
  • Fixed take-screenshot router (992ba60)
  • Fixed types and bug fixed on aws (bd45cac)
  • Fixed variable s3 error (5f31606)
  • Improovment in findConversation on chatWoot (#1330) (d06bd67)
  • Improovments on autoDownload function (392543d)
  • Removed webhook default on start-session (8ded1a6)
  • version image alpine (#1383) (54466cf)


For more information, see the release page.