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WPP Server minor release: v2.4.0

· One min read
WPPConnect Team

Today we are releasing minor version v2.4.0 for WPP Server with Bug Fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Added more params to deleteMessage (62e3576)
  • Added support for send newsletter messages (9176f6b)
  • deps: update dependency @wppconnect-team/wppconnect to ^1.28.4 (5b06bce)
  • deps: update dependency @wppconnect-team/wppconnect to ^1.29.0 (#1701) (6d47dae)
  • Fixed autoDownload function (close #1667) (8791f4f)
  • Fixed forward-messages router (ce7bd1f)
  • Fixed get bussiness products (close #1665) (590e29c)
  • Fixed payload get-group-members in docs (13ac4cd)
  • Replaced ts-node with tsx (66ae213)

For more information, see the release page.