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Configuration PM2

PM2 (Process Manager 2) is a popular and widely used process manager for Node.js applications. It helps in managing and running Node.js applications in a production environment.

PM2 provides several features that are beneficial for deploying and monitoring Node.js applications.

How to install PM2 to run Node.js applications on the production server

Install pm2:

sudo npm install -g pm2

Build Application

Go to the directory where the wppconnect-server is located and execute the command below to build the application.

npm run build

Start Application PM2

pm2 start npm --start --name wppconnect-server


Yes, logs are extremely important. But with PM2, you can also obtain the log of your application. The logs here are the ones displayed in console, such as log, info, and error.

You can easily display the log of all processes:

pm2 logs