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WA-JS minor release: v2.26.0

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Equipe WPPConnect

Today we are releasing minor version v2.26.0 for WA-JS with Bug Fixes and Features.

Bug Fixes


  • Added order.payment_status event (8165a2a)
  • Added support for send PTV message (f973d9d)
  • Added util.generateOrderUniqueId function (53aa925)
  • Added WPP.chat.sendOrderMessage function (close #1328) (75047b1)
  • Added WPP.order.get function (7a0dce9)
  • Exported function currencyForCountryShortcode (d3caf97)
  • Exported function getCountryShortcodeByPhone (17671d7)
  • Exported function getOrderInfo (20e88c4)
  • Exported processRawAudioVideo function (e1b1db6)
  • Exported processRawMedia function (45a353e)

For more information, see the release page.