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WA-JS patch release: v3.2.5

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Equipe WPPConnect

Today we are releasing a patch version v3.2.5 for WA-JS with Bug Fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed functions for whatsapp >= 2.3000.1013251637 (#1894) (3f7488a)
  • Fixed functions for whatsapp >= 2.3000.1013384762 (#1917) (46a6c28)
  • Fixed servers for link previews (5e6d2f8)
  • Improovment link preview to prioritize the native function (ffa4eaa)
  • Improovment on Linkpreview cache (05a78d2)
  • Update GTAG for Analytics (2586f3c)

For more information, see the release page.